texas elopement photographer and guide

Don’t like the idea of a fast paced wedding day with a jam-packed timeline? Do you want to spend the entire day with your partner instead of spending over half of the day apart? I am here to say you have options! Strap up your hikin’ boots, grab your kayak paddles and let’s get you married. Opt out of a wedding that is a production and into one that is full of intention.

who says your wedding can't be?

Love is an Adventure

When you hire me for your elopement you are getting a lot more than a photographer. As your guide I assist in the entire planning process! Helping you find vendors, assisting with permits, timelines and the list goes on. I combine my experience in the Texas outdoors with my wedding industry experience to help you create a one of a kind elopement that has YOU written all over it. 

I help you cross the t's and dot the i's 

I am an elopement photographer and guide based out of Austin but traveling all over Texas to capture some epic stories. When I am not shooting or editing you’ll find me hiking new trails with my dogs, paddling down a new Texas river or at home planning the next adventure. I'm kind of all in. 

After a few years photographing traditional weddings I began to notice they were very "one size fits all".  I knew there had to be couples who longed for another option on their wedding day. So I decided to create that option for them.

I combine my passion for Texas outdoor adventure with my wedding industry experience to help couples have one heck of a Texas elopement.

My name is Nikole

Hello Friend

your experience matters


I could create the most beautiful images in the world for you but if you weren’t having a great experience when I took them none of that would matter. You deserve an unforgettable experience, you deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin, you deserve a photographer who will go above and beyond to make that happen.

Your elopement is crafted around your hopes, dreams, wants and needs. If you're looking for a photographer who isn't invested in your experience, someone who shows up, poses you and leaves. Then I am not the photographer for you.


"we had our wedding set for March 21, 2020... aka the very start of the COVID pandemic lockdowns! I thought for sure everything I had been planning was ruined and I’d never have the beautiful memories of our wedding day. WRONG. Nikole is an incredible elopement photographer. She helped us pick a place (Pedernales Falls), she arranged a timeline for us, helped pick out the flowers, EVERYTHING. We had a beautiful ceremony and it almost felt effortless. The memories made were priceless, and when I got the photos back I was SHOCKED. The photos are so breathtakingly gorgeous that I almost can’t even believe they’re of us! Nikole is that good. She’s fun to work with, always kind, always goes the extra mile. You will cherish the photos she takes for you for the rest of your life."

"She’s fun to work with, always kind, always goes the extra mile,"

They deserve the same care and attention as a traditional wedding

You are choosing an elopement to give yourselves room to breathe, because the idea of a jam-packed timeline makes your head spin. I get it. Which is why I offer and highly encourage full day elopements. So you get to have the best experience possible without the constraints of that packed timeline. You wouldn't squeeze a traditional wedding into an hour or two, I wont force your elopement into a tiny box either.

Elopements are more than a photoshoot