My favorite thing about being an Austin Wedding Photographer is that most couples haven’t lived in Austin their entire lives, so their guests usually travel from other states to celebrate on their wedding day. Having all of your favorite people together in one place is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. So it’s a pretty exciting time. Taylor and Kevin’s Wedding at The Sanctuary Event Space in Austin was no exception.

Wedding at The Sanctuary Event Space in Austin

If you want your friends and family to turn your wedding into a weekend getaway and experience all that Austin has to offer, then The Sanctuary event Space may just be the perfect venue for you. Your guests can book their lodging in the city, easily uber to and from your wedding and spend the weekend eating, drinking and exploring the city.

If you want more tips and tricks for booking lodging for your wedding then check out my blog here.

The Sanctuary event Space is like an Oasis of nature in the middle of the city. It’s great if you want the convenience of an urban wedding without the urban aesthetic, if you know what I mean. It’s a hidden gem in the midst south Austin, as their website says. Under a canopy of live oak trees, you’ll find a cottage, studio and a loft/treetop balcony. All great spaces for getting ready and relaxing with your people before the ceremony starts.

The ceremony space is surrounded by trees and perfect for anyone looking to be surrounded by nature or wanting a whimsical vibe for their wedding. With a capacity for up to 150 guests for an outdoor wedding or reception, The Sanctuary Event Space works well for a traditional wedding or intimate wedding with a backyard feel.

Getting Ready

Taylor spent time with her bridesmaids in the loft. They helped her get her veil on and she added the finishing touches of Coach perfume. Her wedding dress had pockets, I will always be a fan of a dress with pockets. I got a quick photo of her perfume in her hands before she put it away. Kevin had some whiskey with the dudes, listened to his favorite music and relaxed. His groomsmen spent time writing notes in a journal for him. It was all effortless on his end.

As a documentary style photographer, I am not super interested in posed getting ready photos, that kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. I am more interested in sitting back and observing while you simply exist with your people. I’ll photograph the moments as they take place naturally. You know how to get dressed, you know how to relax with your favorite people, you don’t need me to tell you how to do these things.

A first look and private vow exchange

After getting ready, Kevin and Taylor had a first look and private vow exchange. I love when couples carve out time for just the two of them on their wedding day. Whether that be for a first look and vow exchange or just to breathe together. Wedding days go by so fast and you really have to be intentional when it comes to making sure you get quality time together. These short moments of ‘just us’ time could end up being your favorite part of the entire day.

A Personal and Emotional Ceremony

Their ceremony was beautiful. It was officiated by Taylor’s brother, making it even more personal. My approach to ceremonies is to focus on the emotions of not only the couple getting married but of the friends and family members as well. I am always looking back at parents and photographing anyone in the front couple of rows. My absolute favorite moment on Kevin and Taylor’s wedding day is their excitement when they walked back down the aisle after their ceremony.

A wedding ceremony at The Sanctuary Event Space in Austin Texas

Dinner, Ice Cream and Scooters

Kevin and Taylor opted for a family-style dinner with all of their people, Round Rock donuts and an ice cream truck for dessert. They ended their night running through a tunnel of sparklers and then rode off into the night on scooters. How Austin of them. It was a sweet and laid back day, full of life and fun for everyone who attended.

Bride and groom kissing in front of The Sanctuary Event Space during their wedding in Austin Texas

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