Texas elopement packages

So many couples get caught up in the stress of planning their big traditional wedding that by the time the day is said and done they have two common complaints. The wedding didn't represent them at all and the timeline was too jam-packed to even enjoy their own day.

if a traditional wedding isnt your thing 

You're in the right place

I am here to give you another option.

What are your favorite memories? When do the two of you feel the most connection? What if I told you that you could do that on your wedding day?

Forget copy and pasting the cheesy weddings of pinterest. Let's craft a one of a kind experience where you'll fall in love and get married all at the same time. 

Love is an adventure, who says your wedding can't be?

texas elopement packages

you can call me nikole

My name's Nikole, I am a photographer, plant enthusiast, adventurer and amateur kayaker. I love the sound of flowing rivers and the way my clothes smell after sitting by a campfire. 

My favorite hikes start before the sun rises and end with muddy boots and messy hair. I am always looking for new ways to get outside and places to explore. I value deeper human connection and my love language is quality time.

I've combined all of my values and passions to create this business to give couples the option to have a day full of intention, quality time and best of all ADVENTURE.

Hey friend! I am so stoked you're here.

A little bit about What I do

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I do a whole lot more than take photos on your elopement day.

All of my Texas elopement packages include planning guidance as well as photography.

I work with you to create a totally customized elopement experience. Here a few things that every package I offer comes with;

What exactly is planning guidance?

Finding your dream location 

Vendor referrals

Obtaining permits                     

Packing lists

Timeline building

Day of logistics

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I work to get to know you and understand what kind of adventure you are looking for. We will talk over the phone about all of your needs and once booked I will send more in depth questionnaires to learn even more about you. Then I create a customized location suggestion list with info and photos of each location. I scout each location in person before every elopement so that I know what to expect and can help you prepare accordingly. 

Check out my Best Places To Elope In Texas blog for some location ideas!

When we have a location and the kind of adventures in mind then I will send recommended vendors to you. Some vendors you may want to hire for an elopement would be a florist, calligraphy artist, hair and makeup artist or even a bakery for an elopement dessert! You might want to book a helicopter ride or off road tour guide too! 

Using public land for a wedding ceremony or photography requires different types of permits and the requirements vary based off of location. Some permits you may need to get are special use permits, photography permits and every state park in Texas requires a day use reservation. Sometimes these can take up to thirty days to obtain. I help make sure you have all the info needed so that this process is simple and stress free! Some permits do charge a fee but that money goes towards funding the public lands we know and love. Plus it's significantly cheaper than a wedding venue.

Part of preparing for an adventure is making sure you have everything you need! Even all of those just in case items. I use my experience with Texas adventures as well as thouroughly research any location we will use to create a customized packing list for you. To ensure you have all the right gear and clothing for whatever your adventure throws your way.

My workflow is designed so that by the time your day comes we have our gear ready as well as our locations and our timeline nailed down with room for wiggle. I like to have maps saved and downloaded for off-grid use, we will have plan b options in the case of dangerous weather or full parking lots. If your trail requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle then we've done the research and are ready to get there.  If you forget anything I've probably got some backups for you. If you need help carrying your bouquet I'll stuff it in my backpack. Couples have even referred to me as their Sherpa before!

After location scouting I am able to make timeline suggestions and keep track of light to ensure you get those epic views! I always encourage leaving ample room for being spontaneous and taking your time. Some things to keep in mind may be that specific locations offer a lot more privacy at sunrise so reading your vows at that time might be important to you. Or eloping during summer in Texas would mean you'll want to make sure and take a break during the hottest time of the day or make time for a swim! Each timeline is created with your experience being the first priority. Epic photos are the cherry on top. If you want to learn more about elopement timelines you can check out my 

timeline blog post!

Vendor Referrals:

Finding your dream location;

obtaining permits;

Customized packing lists;

day of logistics;

Timeline building;

I care about every detail

I care about every detail

how to hire me;

Scope out my site, learn about the process and check out the pricing. 

Fill out my contact form, I love details so don't hold back!

We'll hop on the phone and get to know each other some more and decide if we're the right fit! You'll get to go over every package I offer and select one that works best for you.

Once booked we will get to planning all the fun stuff! I'll send questionnaires, a location suggestion guide, preferred vendors, an elopement planning guide and so much more. We will work together to craft a totally customized adventure just for you!

You'll be totally prepared by the time your elopement day comes and we will be more like friends rather than me being some random person you hired. 

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Your story holds so much value and deserves to be documented for you and your loved ones to cherish. Choosing to elope means giving yourself space to be fully present on your wedding day, it means having the time to relax and take it all in. It means intimate moments and quality time. It means adventure and experience. It does not mean compromise or cutting yourself short. 

I truly believe giving yourselves a minimum of five hours for this gives you the best experience possible and I highly encourage full day elopements. You want that wiggle room to be spontaneous. You’ll be glad you have those extra moments captured to share with friends and family who weren’t there with you in person. You will be grateful to have the space to show up as you are and be fully present without the constraints of a packed timeline.

elopements are so much more than a photoshoot 

Your elopement is your wedding day! It deserves the same care and attention as a traditional wedding. 

Let's compare

Four hour timeline;

Ten hour timeline;

Contact me to get started

5:00am Wake up and get ready. 

6:00am Drive to trailhead

7:00am Hike to ceremony location 

7:30am Read vows as the sun rises 

8:00am take in the beauty of your ceremony space, take some just married portraits!

9:00 Hike back to car

5:00am Wake up and get ready

6:00am Write your vows and have coffee together

6:30am Have a first look in the light of your headlights before driving to the trailhead

7:00am Hike to ceremony location  

8:00am Read vows during the golden hour of sunrise 

8:30am Find a cozy place to sit down and read some letters written by your loved ones

10:30am hike to a picnic area and have some breakfast, maybe even some champagne

12:00pm hang a hammock, watch the clouds pass over you, reminisce over how sweet your letters and vows were

Take a break, have a nap, get ready for the next half of the day

3:00pm head back out to another trailhead and hike to the most scenic point.

4:00pm explore all the space has to offer, find a cozy spot and layout a blanket for watching the sunset

5:00 Watch the sunset together

6:00 turn on your headlamps and hike back to your car as the stars come out

7:00 Head back to your airbnb after a day full of love, intention and adventure

some pros of a full day elopement;

Give room to be spontaneous and not feel rushed. 

Split the day in half to experience the sunrise and the sunset.

The images will document the full story rather than just a small piece. This is especially important when sharing the photos with those who wont be there in person.

Add things like a picnic, a swim in your favorite river or time to read letters from your loved ones.


starting at $3,000 for 5 hours 

Select from packages starting at 5 hours of coverage going up to two day elopement experiences. With travel included anywhere in the state of Texas.

What you'll get;

Location scouting

Timeline customization

Vendor Referrals

An online gallery of fully edited images that tell your story

Share your gallery and order high quality prints at the click of a button 

Customized location guide

Custom packing list

Elopement welcome guide

All over Texas Elopements

central texas elopements

Select from packages starting at 4 hours of coverage going up to full day elopement experiences.  Only for areas within a two hour drive of Austin Texas. 

STARTING AT $2,000 FOR 4 hours

What you'll get;

Location scouting

Timeline customization

Vendor Referrals

An online gallery of fully edited images that tell your story

Share your gallery and order high quality prints at the click of a button 

Customized location guide

Custom packing list

Elopement welcome guide

For couples who still want an intentional celebration but have a guest count of more than 25. Select from packages starting at 6 hours going up to 8 hours of coverage.

what you'll get;


Unlimited consultations

Timeline assistance

An online gallery of fully edited images that tell your story

Share your gallery and order high quality prints at the click of a button

Vendor Recommendations

Standard engagement session 

STARTING AT $2,000 FOR 6 Hours


"Nikole is an incredible elopement photographer. She helped us pick a location, she arranged a timeline for us, helped pick out the flowers, EVERYTHING. We had a beautiful ceremony and it almost felt effortless. The memories made were priceless. Nikole is that good. She’s fun to work with, always kind, always goes the extra mile. You will cherish the photos she takes for you for the rest of your life."

"She’s fun to work with, always kind, always goes the extra mile,"

"She has an unyielding passion to create a genuine experience. There are so many moments that I didn't even realized she captured and she captured them so perfectly.  Her devotion is absolutely unmatched. I've had many photographers take our photos, but none of the photos have meant more to me that the one's I've recieved from Nikole. BOOK HER!

"Her devotion is absolutely unmatched."

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