It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you want to wear for your photos.  Especially if you're tasked with coordinating outfits for your entire family!

In this guide I've gathered a few tips and tricks to help take the stress out of finding what to wear. So you can look great, feel great and actually enjoy getting ready for your session!  I honestly don't know anything about fashion, my attire consists of half eaten Vans (thanks to my dogs) and shirts from Chuy's, so you probably have better style than I do. This guide is just what I have learned from trial and error as a photographer, so everything you see here is simply a suggestion not a set rule!

Wear clothes you normally wear

Wear clothes that make you look and feel like yourselves! A lot of people try to go shopping for "nicer" clothes before their session, which is fine but sometimes they regret wearing something that doesn't feel like them. Your outfit should show who you are at this moment in time and help tell your story! Do you have a favorite band tee and a go-to pair of denim jeans? Grab em' and let's go!

Dress For weather and location

Plan around the conditions and locations we are shooting in. If we're going to be hiking around uneven terrain try to wear shoes with tread and ankle support. If it's cooler outside then bundle up and wear fun layers you're stokes to be photographed in! If it's hot then dress in lighter summer attire. Ensure you are as comfortable as possible. I wouldn't recommend wearing heels unless you're a pro at walking in them.


When choosing clothes with patterns I always recommend avoiding super loud and chunky patterns. The more subtle and simple the better, so they don't distract from your emotion and faces. If one person is wearing patterns then everyone else should stick to solids to avoid chaos and clashing. I recommend ironing your clothes as well! Wrinkles in your clothing can be just as distracting as crazy patterns.


Similar to patterns, the more simple and subtle the better. Avoid super bright, fluorescent, primary or neon colors. They tend to distract and take away from the emotion of the images. Earthy, metallic and neutral tones are great! Neutral doesn't have to mean gray or beige either, there are neutral tones for every color. When in doubt you can never go wrong with denim, black or white.

Props don't have to be cheesy! They can be anything that tells your story. Pizza, beer, motorcycle, your dog, cookies, blankets, a campfire, kayaks, skateboards etc. 

If you have props you want to incorporate let me know so we can make sure to use them!


Accessories are another way to add a personal touch to your photos! Whether it be the classic denim jacket, a safari hat or your favorite jewelry. Don't be afraid to incorporate them!

Accessories to avoid: Smartwatches, hats with distracting logos, jewelry that is really big and shiny.


That's a wrap!

If you have any questions about what to wear I am always here to help. This guide is just an additional resource!

When in doubt wear what makes you feel like you! 

I'm currently dwelling in Austin Texas but my elopement packages include travel anywhere in Texas!

Where are you located?

With elopements it varies, usually about 50 images per hour I spend shooting. My portrait sessions come with a minimum of 25 images.

How Many Images Are Included?

No I do not offer delivery of unedited images. My editing process and style is an important piece of the experience!

Do You Give Out Unedited Photos?

All payments are processed online through my Honeybook, I will send out an invoice and you select either automatic or manual payments.

How Does Payment Work?

You'll fill out my contact form and I will respond within 48 hours. From there we will hop on the phone and decide if we fit well together! If you want to move forward I require a signed contract and 40% retainer to book. 

How Do I Book You?

In the case of an emergency where I cannot be there for a wedding you've booked me for I will send an associate shooter pre-approved by you in my place and I will edit the photos.

In the case that you contact me and I am already booked on your date I can refer you to other photographers or we can work on a different date!

What Happens If You Can’t Be At Our Wedding?

If you cancel your date the 40% retainer will be non-refundable.

If you reschedule your date and I am not already booked on the new date then your retainer will transfer to the new date and there may be a rescheduling fee.

If you reschedule for a date that I have another booking on then I will try to send an associate photographer in my place. If an associate can't be found then your 40% retainer will be non-refundable and the contract will be cancelled.

What If We Cancel/Resched Our Date?

Yes! I am ordained to officiate in the state of Texas. I don't speak during your ceremony because I am the photographer but I can sign all of the documents to make it legit with the government if that's your jam. Texas does not require witnesses. 

can you officiate our elopement?

I deliver fully edited images, most of my editing is color tones, cropping and straightening out images. I do use photoshop to remove distracting objects but I do not photoshop scars, change the shape of bodies or drastically change the way people look. You are beautiful and I am here to document your unique beauty.

If there's a wardrobe malfunction, you have lipstick on your teeth or something un-natural like that then yes I will try to photoshop it out. 

Will You Photoshop Us?

Unfortunately we can't control the weather but we can definitely control how prepared we are for it. My workflow and planning process will help you prepare for any kind of weather your specific location and season may encounter. 

I love shooting rain or shine! Sometimes rainy weather makes for the best scenery. But we do work together to create a plan b, otherwise known as a "rain plan", in the case of dangerous weather. 

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

Wear whatever makes you feel like YOU! Which I know can be an annoying answer so don't worry I got you. After you book I will send over outfit inspiration boards that match your specific shoot as well as some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way to make sure you look and feel great!

What Do We Wear To Our Photoshoot?

Don't worry! I love planning elopements for couples who aren't really down for an all day hike. We can find dreamy locations a short walk from a parking lot or even plan an urban elopement!

What if we aren't outdoorsy?

My turnaround time for elopments and weddings is 6-8 weeks. For portrait sessions it is 2-4 weeks. 

What Is Your Turnaround?

Most of my elopement packages include travel anywhere in Texas. 

How Do Travel Expenses Work?

Yasss! All of my elopement packages include planning guidance. Here are a few of the many things I assist with;

- Location scouting
- Timeline building
- Obtaining permits
- Practicing Leave No Trace
- Packing lists
- Vendor referrals

Do You Help In The Planning Process?

I do offer a limited number of portrait sessions per year. I bring the same adventurous and documentary style to my portrait sessions so get ready to have some fun!

Do You Photograph Families, Seniors, Etc.?