You want to have an adventure elopement but you’re more of a city enthusiast than you are an outdoorsy hiking enthusiast. Is there an option for you?

Urban elopements are another amazing and adventurous way you can get married! If running around exploring your favorite city with your favorite human sounds like the best date ever then an urban elopement may be for you. In this blog I want to give you some inspiration and ideas to run with so that you can get to planning your very own urban elopement right here in Austin Tx. As well as go over some general urban elopement planning tips that you can bring with you to any city. So by the end of this blog you can get stoked for your very own urban adventure elopement! Or even just a really fun date in the city to be honest. So keep reading to find 9 ideas for eloping in Austin Texas as well as urban elopement planning tips!

What is an urban elopement?

Something I love about elopements as that there really are no rules. My definition of an elopement is “An intentional and intimate wedding day crafted around you and your partner. A way to get married that is rooted in quality time and experience.”

If the two of you love spending your free time exploring the city together then choosing to elope in your favorite city would be the perfect way to craft a wedding day around the two of you!

Your elopement can be whatever you want it to be, some couples choose to go on an epic hike in a national park like this Big Bend Elopement, while others may be more in love with the city than they are the desert. I am here to say you have options!

An urban elopement is simply an intentional and intimate wedding day that takes place in an urban environment!

9 Ideas For Eloping In Austin Texas | Urban Elopement Planning Tips

Austin Texas urban elopement ideas

You may be wondering what the heck you would even do if you chose to elope in the city. “Do we just go to the courthouse and sign some papers?” Heck no! Think about it this way; What would you plan to do if you were visiting a new city for the first time and wanted to experience all it had to offer? Imagine you were Ferris Bueller on his day off or think about what made you fall in love with the city in the first place! You can incorporate any of those aspects/activities on your elopement day.

  • Rent an airbnb or hotel that offers style and experience! Maybe you find a retro condo in the middle of downtown, or you can find a cottage with a hot tub and hammock for you to enjoy when you return from your elopement. Your lodging makes a big impact on your overall Elopement Experience.

  • Plan meals at the most iconic spots. I know that a big part of exploring the city is exploring all of the food it has to offer. From food trucks, through rooftop bars to fine dining. The city has so many options to choose from! You can even order delivery and have your food delivered to you while you have a picnic at Zilker Park.

  • Scooters and pedicabs; I am sure you’ve seen people riding scooters or taking pedicabs all over the city but can you imagine riding around downtown on a scooter in your wedding dress? That would be SO MUCH FUN. I know Austin pedicabs has special “Just married” pedicab options as well!
  • Kayaking or Paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake; Austin is pretty unique in the fact that it has a giant lake in the middle of the city. With so many Kayak and SUP board rental options it’s super easy to get out on the lake and paddle into the sunset. Bonus points if you get to do this while the bats are flying out from the Congress bridge.

  • Record Stores and Street Performers; Find a record store who will take requests and have your first dance in the middle of the store. Or you can opt for some live music by finding a street performer to play you a song for your first dance! Just don’t forget to tip them for their work!
  • Rooftops and skylines; Find a rooftop with an epic view of the skyline, pop some champagne and enjoy viewing the city from above. Bonus points if you find a rooftop bar to hangout in! Not all rooftops are accessible to the public and some do require photography permits.

  • Murals and Art Museums; If you love art, architecture or street art then you can spend the day exploring all of the murals or art museums the city has to offer. Be aware though that museums usually do not allow professional photography.

  • Take a dip in Barton Springs; Barton Springs is a swimming pool that measures 3 acres in size, and is fed from underground springs with an average temperature of 68-70 degrees, ideal for year-round swimming. Take a mid-day dip then freshen up for a 5 star meal to celebrate getting married!

Urban elopement planning tips

1.Set your date for a week day so that the city isn’t too busy! You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any big events or festivals happening around the time you want to elope. Events like Austin City Limits, South By Southwest or the F1 race for example make it difficult to get around downtown Austin and lodging prices even increase around those dates.

2. Opt for a sunrise ceremony for more privacy, eloping in the city means you are going to run into people. It’s inevitable. But if you choose to have your ceremony at sunrise you will be able to have more privacy!

3. Have an idea of the locations you plan to use ahead of time and double check that photography will be allowed. Some locations may require permits or charge fines if there is a professional photographer taking photos without permission. You’ll also want to check any restaurants or lounges you plan on using, see if they need reservations or how you can make reservations.

4. Be flexible! A lot of things are unpredictable when it comes to eloping in the city. Unforeseen events like bad weather, road closures, construction etc. Can have an impact on your elopement. So be flexible, have a plan B and be ready to change plans if needed!

5. Map out parking or use a driving service. Parking in the city can be really tricky! Map out a plan of where you are going to park ahead of time so you don’t end up wandering around the city looking for a space. Or you can use a driving service like Uber or Lyft!

6. Bring clear umbrellas in case of rain! Clear umbrellas look really cool and they prevent from weird, colorful shadows being cast on your faces in photos.

You ready to elope in the city yet?

Choosing to elope means choosing to take your wedding day into your own hands. Getting married the way YOU want to get married! So if you dream of running around your favorite city in your wedding dress, drinking the best coffee and riding scooters to all of the most iconic spots then DO IT. Take these 9 ideas for eloping in Austin Texas as well as urban elopement planning tips and make it happen!

I love helping couples bring their elopements to life and coming alongside them to document their experience. So if you have any questions at all please reach out! I am here to help! And if you want to check out more planning resources head on over to this link.

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