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You are daring enough to buck tradition and have the elopement of your dreams! But you don’t really know anyone else who has eloped like this and you aren’t too sure where to start. In this blog I unpack how to plan your Texas elopement. This is a general outline of the things you need to consider when you choose to elope! As a Texas Elopement Photographer and Guide a lot of my job is to help couples with this entire process so if you read through this and have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out! I would love to hear from you! I know that a big reason couples choose to elope is to take the stress out of getting married. So my goal is always to make the elopement planning process fun and stress-free!

Throughout this blog I cover;

  • Making and announcing your decision to elope
  • Budget, activities and location
  • Setting a date
  • Planning for weather
  • Hiring vendors
  • Permits
  • Lodging and travel
  • Building a timeline
  • What to wear
  • Leave No Trace

Step one – Decide to elope!

Deciding to elope may not seem like the most tangible planning guidance right away. The initial decision to elope has potential to be one of the biggest obstacles for you to overcome when planning your elopement. Some couples know immediately that eloping is right for them and they get to planning their elopement right away! Other couples start out planning a big wedding and then realize that the traditional wedding route feels more forced and that an adventure elopement is actually THE DREAM.

Making the decision to elope may not always come easy, you may even ruffle some feathers when you begin telling loved ones your decision.
I know that this situation varies from couple to couple, relationships are different, families are different. Everyone is different! I get it. What I want to do is try to offer some advice to help take the stress out of announcing your decision.

Here are some tips to help you when making the decision to elope;

  • Remember you can totally elope with a few friends and family members by your side! I’d say as long as you keep the guest count down to 15 people than you are still eloping! This way you get to spend quality time with each guest.

  • You can opt for a two day experience. Choose to say your vows and elope just the two of you on day one and have a party with all your mvps on day two! Or choose an overnight backpacking adventure (;
  • Keep it at a need to know basis. I know that this can look different for everyone. Maybe you need to tell your parents or your siblings about your decision to elope! But if they don’t really need to know you don’t HAVE to tell them beforehand. Instead send out an announcement, show them the beautiful photos from your elopement and tell them stories about your awesome day. SHOW them that this was 100% the right move for you and you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. When they see how happy you are, how full of love and intention your wedding day was, they will be so freakin’ stoked for you and thrilled to hear all about it. Telling people who don’t really need to know about your plans to elope beforehand can definitely add stress. Not everyone understands why you do what you do and people tend to project their own fears onto others. So keeping it at a need to know basis helps a lot!

Telling those who need to know can still be pretty tricky!

Maybe they don’t know the potential an adventure elopement holds, maybe they’ll feel left out, there are a lot of reasons that people may be offended at the idea of not being by your side when you say your vows. Here are a couple of ways to help that process;

  • Meet them in person and tell them about your decision to elope. Show them gorgeous photos of elopements and tell them why you are choosing to go this route. Show them how excited and passionate you are about your decision! Texas is still catching on to the whole adventure elopements thing so a lot of people are still stuck imagining running away to Vegas or courthouses when you say elopement. You may just need to open their eyes and mind towards the real potential an elopement has.

  • Include them in the planning process: Let them go dress shopping with you, include them when designing your announcements, tell them about all of the potential locations you are looking at and adventures you might go on. Let them help!

  • Include them on the day of: If you want to elope just the two of you you can still include your friends or family by having them write you letters to read after your ceremony or you can face time them after you say your vows…if your location has reception of course!

  • Plan a dinner or celebration after you elope, set up a way to display your photos or video on a big screen so everyone can experience the photos as if they were there with you! This right here is a big reason your elopement photography is SO important, when you cut down your guest list the value of your photos increases dramatically because they are the only way those who weren’t there in person get to experience the day with you.

And though it may seem harsh remember no one has the right to be at your elopement. It is YOUR elopement day. This is all about a sacred commitment you and your partner are making together. If you feel more comfortable or that it holds the most meaning by doing that just the two of you then do it. If you need someone in your corner cheering you on, I got you!

Budget, activities and locations!

A lot of people assume that elopements are cheaper than traditional weddings. While that can be true because you aren’t paying for a venue, catering, rentals and so on it isn’t always cheaper! What you are paying for is experience over material objects. Instead of table linens and party favors you are paying for travel, activities that may require a professional guide, permits, day passes, lodging and so on. Deciding on a budget early in the planning process can help you later down the road!

Once you have made the decision to elope, told those who need to know and have a budget in mind you can start dreaming up exactly what you might want to do on your elopement day!

Some questions to have in mind when deciding on you adventure;

  • What activities do the two of you love doing together?
  • Think about your favorite memories so far, what were you doing?
  • What is your experience with outdoor recreation?
  • Is there a type of scenery you feel called towards?
  • Have you budgeted for anything specific like a helicopter ride or caving tour guide?

    For example; I love hiking! My favorite hikes start before the sun rises, explore beautiful rivers and cut through tall grass. I also feel very drawn towards desert landscapes. I love the orange tones, the desert flora and the wildlife. The warmth and the wide open space just feel like home to me! My husband Jacob really likes kayaking and fishing! We have the most fun when we are both doing something we love together. So our elopement might look like heading out for a multi-day camping and kayaking adventure on the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park! It would be a win-win for both of us!

Planning an elopement is more like planning an epic weekend getaway together.

Having a general idea of what you want to do and the type of landscape you want to do it in is important when you start to look at more of the logistic planning aspects like selecting your date, making reservations and travel plans. Having a general location in mind will help when you begin to search for vendors as well.

You don’t necessarily have to hike miles on miles if that’s not your thing! Your elopement should reflect the two of you.

Selecting a date

Being flexible with your elopement date can be a huge benefit!

If you know roughly where you want to elope and what activities you want to do then you probably know which season you want to elope in. I recommend trying to have an open mind when it comes to the exact day! Some locations can be more crowded on weekends so if an intimate experience is important to you then you may want to consider a week day. You can also receive better pricing on lodging and travel if you choose a weekday!

Being flexible on your date is important when you start looking for vendors. This way you won’t have to compromise on your dream team because they are booked on your specific date. Instead you can work together on narrowing down the best date possible.

Bonus tip; Considering the night sky when choosing to elope somewhere like Big Bend can be pretty neat! Maybe you’ll want to be able to see the milky way or dance under a full moon!

Thinking about weather

Weather plays an important role in elopements. Chances are you will be spending most of the day outdoors.

This wouldn’t be a Texas elopement planning guide if we didn’t talk about the heat. Having that flexibility on your date can save you from unbearable heat on your elopement day.

There are some ways to beat the heat though! Like choosing a sunrise elopement, when you opt for sunrise you can get the cooler temperatures. Potentially low to mid eighty’s until around noon in central Texas! If you are wanting elope somewhere in West Texas like Big Bend or Palo Duro then I highly recommend waiting until the cooler seasons October through April. It get’s dangerously hot out west and places like Big Bend need a lot more than an hour or two of exploration so you can really experience the amazing landscape!

For summer time elopements I recommend staying in central Texas and highly encourage swimming!

Spring time in Texas is my favorite season because I love seeing how lush everything is. If you like the idea of lush scenery, new growth and wildflowers then spring time might be for you!

As for fall, you can check out locations like Caddo Lake, Lost Maples or even some lesser known spaces in the hill country for a glimpse of fall foliage! The temperatures over fall and spring are ideal for recreating outdoors which means you’ll have to be vigilant when making reservations for state or national parks as well as camping or lodging. It get’s pretty crazy during peak hiking and camping season.

Winters are rather mild in Texas except for the occasional cold snap, even then as long as you are able to plan ahead and prepare you can still have fun outside!

The best advice I can give when it comes to weather is to plan ahead and prepare.

Doing thorough location research and making sure you have all of the proper gear and clothing you need can make a huge, potentially life saving, difference on a bad weather day. Even those just in case items you think you might not need, bring ’em. My motto is “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Being flexible around your elopement doesn’t just mean being open on the date you set. It means having a plan b to shift to in the case of dangerous weather. Even having the ability to wait out some bad weather and elope a day later than originally planned can save you a lot of headache.

Hiring Vendors

Once you have an idea of when, what and where you can start looking for who will help you make that happen! I recommend finding an elopement photographer first. The photographer can potentially be the only other person present on your elopement day. So they’re pretty important.

Adventurous elopements are the combination of two worlds really, the wedding industry and the outdoor recreation industry.

They have important needs and logistics to consider that a traditional wedding does not so having someone that realizes and specializes in this is incredibly important.

Imagine hiring a traditional wedding photographer for your adventure elopement. You show up for your seven mile hike through a trail that covers rocky and uneven terrain. Then the traditional wedding photographer walks up the same way she does for traditional weddings. In slip on shoes, a roller backpack of lighting equipment and not a single piece of hiking gear. Which is fine for traditional weddings but not for adventure elopements. She would be in trouble and so would you!

Versus an adventure elopement photographer who arrives in their hiking boots, with their hiking pack full of first aid, snacks, just in case items, an elopement bridal suite and her camera gear essentials strapped in. Ready to help you with whatever you need! Able to lead a less outdoor experienced couple or hike alongside seasoned adventurers!

This could be said about any vendor you hire but generally speaking the photographer will be the only vendor hiking right alongside you on your elopement day. Aside from the photographer your officiant may also be hiking with you! So you’ll want an adventurous officiant as well. Having an ordained adventure elopement photographer takes care of that though, just sayin’.

Some photographers who specialize in elopements have packages to help a lot with the planning process!

Finding someone to help you with planning early on can make a HUGE difference. Elopements in Texas are newer territory so there aren’t a whole lot of resources on planning. Having someone in your corner who is familiar with and can assist you in this process can take a lot of stress off your shoulders.

So do your research on your vendors. Ask them questions and see if they help at all with the planning process! I highly recommend hiring vendors who specialize in adventurous elopements.

I recommend starting to reach out to vendors six months to a year in advance.

Here are some vendors you may want to consider for your elopement;

  • Photographer
  • Officiant
  • Hair and makeup artist
  • Florist
  • Foood! Whether that means catering, ordering delivery or packing out your own meals
  • Professional Guides – to keep you safe doing activities or exploring locations you aren’t as familiar with! A really cool way to experience new places.
  • Lodging
  • Video
  • Calligraphy artist

Permits, Permits, Permits

When choosing a location to elope you have to consider that you may need a few different types of permits. Some places require ceremony permits, some require photography permits and most places (all state and national parks) require a day pass to enter. Some of these permits take weeks or months to obtain and most day passes must be reserved at least a month ahead of time.

This is where an experienced elopement photographer can come in handy!

They know who to contact for permits and can help you with this process. This is also why it is important to start planning and reaching out to vendors six months to a year in advance. But if you do start reaching out less than six months ahead of time then being flexible on your date can help so that you are able to obtain all of the necessary permits in time.

I know the idea of permits can be frustrating. Just remember that these permit fees are going towards funding the outdoor spaces we know and love. We are using their gorgeous backdrop for your elopement and getting to experience the land, the least we could do is pay for some permits to help care for that land!

If we ignore permits and are not mindful of our actions when we enter these outdoor spaces then it can have a negative impact on the wilderness as well as accessibility in the future.

I aim to keep a good relationship with public lands and management so that we are not seen as pests in the outdoors! If parks wanted to they could ban elopements and wedding ceremonies in locations all together. Or spaces may need to close for restoration and we would be even more limited on locations to choose for Texas elopements.

Lodging and travel

While you are working on permits you will also want to work on your lodging and form of transportation.

Let’s look for lodging. What are your lodging requirements? Here are some to consider;

  • Air Conditioning
  • Shared space verses a private space
  • Wifi/Cell Reception
  • Free parking
  • Are dogs allowed
  • Do you need something within walking distance of your ceremony location
  • Do you want something off-grid

Consider the things most important to you for lodging and start your search.

You may want to opt for more style points, like a yurt, airstream or tiny cabin. I mean that would be a pretty epic thing to add to your day and make for some aesthetically pleasing getting ready photos wouldn’t it? Plus creating a unique experience out of your lodging is something that will take your entire elopement experience to the next level! Maybe there aren’t any unique lodging options near your ceremony location, don’t be discouraged! A hotel can still have all that you need! Or if you don’t need much in terms of lodging amenities and want to go backcountry camping instead. Uh yeah that’s totally an option.

Here are some apps/sites to help you find lodging;

Airbnb – For unique stays

Hipcamp – For camping on private land! use my code NIKOLEV for $10 off

Trivago – For Hotels

In terms of travel you’ll want to make sure whatever forms you are using for transportation can handle the activities on the day of your elopement!

  • Do you need something that can handle off-road terrain?
  • Is it something you are going to be camping out of?
  • Do you simply need something that will hold your luggage and gear?

Here are some apps/sites to help you find a car rental;


Like the permits you will want to work on booking your lodging and travel pretty far in advance. You will feel so good when you have these logistics taken care of!

Building a Timeline

Your elopement photographer/planner should help you with this too! Make sure they do provide this service before you hire them. Crafting an intentional timeline on your elopement day is pretty fun and laid back compared to traditional wedding timelines.

It’s more like planning a fun day with your partner! But somewhere along the way you say your vows and get married (:

If you are trying to catch golden hour at sunrise or sunset building the timeline may revolve around that. If you are connecting with a professional guide then you’ll want to make sure you are there on time! As far as ceremony and reading your vows, you can really do it whenever it feels “right” though I personally like to urge for sunrise or sunset. It’s so romantic that way! Just make sure you give yourselves space in your timeline to be spontaneous and relax. An elopement is all about being fully present and not too focused on rushing from one place to another.

Important things to consider when you build your timeline;

  • When do you want your ceremony to take place? Do you want it to happen during sunrise or sunset?
  • Do you want to get ready together or separately and have a first look?
  • How long will it take to travel from one place to another?
  • When and where will you eat?

Here’s an example of a half day timeline;

5:00am Julia and Kennon start getting ready together
5:30am Nikole arrives to airbnb, takes getting ready photos
6:00am the gang leaves for the state park
6:20am Hike down to ceremony site
6:45am Ceremony (sunrise)
7:00am You’re freakin’ married! Have some champagne and celebrate.
7:30am hiking around the state park
8:30am breakfast picnic by the falls, reading letters from family members, relaxing
10:00am First dance
10:30am hike back to car, drive back to airbnb
11:00am Arrive at airbnb, Julia and Kennon relax, Nikole takes detail photos
12:00pm Set up hammocks, Julia and Kennon have some mimosas and nap in hammocks

Here’s an example of a full day timeline;

5:30 Maggie and Jay start getting ready
6:00 Nikole arrives at airbnb and takes getting ready photos
6:30 Jay and Maggie have coffee together and hang out before leaving
7:15 the gang leaves for the ceremony site
7:30 Ceremony (sunrise)
7:45 You’re freakin’ married! Celebrate!
8:00 explore ceremony site, take in the views, couples portraits at ceremony site
8:30 head to breakfast picnic a few minutes away
9:00 Breakfast picnic overlooking the city skyline!
10:00 Explore the city’s murals while riding around on scooters
11:00 Head to the library to explore the modern architecture
12:30 get some vegan snacks and vegan ice cream!
1:00 explore south congress1:30 first dance on south congress
2:00 Coffeeeee! The best coffee in Austin.
3:00 Rooftop bar, relax!
5:00 head to kayak rentals
6:00 – 7:00 Kayak and watch the bats fly out from under the bridge while the sun sets

Legal Stuff

Making it official means having a marriage license or certificate! Some couples choose to get all of the paperwork done beforehand so they don’t have to worry about it on their actual elopement day. If you want to do it on the day of, you’ll need someone who is ordained to sign your paperwork! The requirements vary depending on the county you are in so please do research on your own!!

If you don’t believe in getting the government involved then you can have a commitment ceremony instead!

What to Wear

The attire for an elopement has requirements that your typical wedding attire may not have. Like can you lift your legs high enough to climb up onto rocks? Is it lightweight enough for a few miles of hiking? Will you be able to squat and use the bathroom in the wilderness while in your wedding dress? Can you pack it in your hiking pack? Just some logistical things to consider. Weather, activities and location are all factors when deciding how to pack and what to wear when planning your elopement. There’s also the fun stuff like, is it your favorite color? Are there enough intricate details that make you squeal with excitement? Does it have your name written all over it? Will it blow in the wind for dramatic affect?

Here are a couple of dress designers that are elopement friendly and drop dead gorgeous;

Shoooes! Okay shoes are so important. Solid footwear with actual tread is crucial when walking and hiking on your elopement day. Texas has a looot of slippery rock! There may be some epic stops on top of rocks & boulders that require good stable footwear with tread.

I highly discourage heels of any kind and men’s dress shoes that are completely smooth on the bottom are a no go.

From hiking boots that have good ankle support and traction to Chacos that allow you to walk through shallow streams without jabbing your feet with rocks. Your choice in shoes really depends on what you’re doing and where you are doing it but you can still have fun with them! Get some cute hiking boots or some customized elopement day Chacos! They will be a part of your story and adventure!

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of socks!

My personal favorite hiking socks (really my favorite socks of all time) are Smartwool. They are soft, moisture-wicking, thermoregulating (warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s warm), sustainable, and odor-neutralizing—helping to keep feet dry, comfortable, and warm. And they last! I have been able to keep pairs for years! I am obsessed.

Here are a couple of aesthetically pleasing hiking boot brands;

Pro Tip – Break in your shoes long before your elopement day! Your feet will thank you.

Generally speaking elopement attire does have requirements that you might not need to consider for a traditional wedding. But the clothes you wear do depend on specifics like what you decide to do on your elopement day so waiting until you have your activities, dates and location planned out to buy your attire will help a ton.

Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace principles are a set of ethics we should follow to enjoy and protect the outdoors at the same time. If you are choosing an outdoor adventure or simply to elope in a beautiful outdoor space then chances are you have some form of respect for the outdoors! Maybe you spend your free time recreating outdoors and are familiar with the Leave No Trace principles and maybe you’ve never heard of them before!

Opting to use public lands for your wedding day (or any day really) comes with responsibilities! Personally, I believe in respecting and experiencing these spaces rather than just using and abusing them. It can be easy to get caught up in thinking of them just as a pretty backdrop to your photos but they deserve so much more than that.

There are ways to enjoy the outdoor spaces sustainably and responsibly so that we can continue to enjoy them and preserve them for those who come after us! By incorporating the seven Leave No Trace principles when planning your elopement day you are ensuring that whatever locations and activities you choose you are leaving minimal impact on the land! Considering the LNT principles can actually help narrow down a lot of options during the planning process as well.

The seven Leave No Trace Principles are;

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impact
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

    © 1999 by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics:
    If you’d like to learn more about Leave No Trace then you can visit their website riiight here

I have taken a course specifically for photographers on “How To Leave No Trace” to help incorporate these principles into my business and workflow. So I am an official “Leave No Trace Aware Photographer”! At the end of the course I received a customizable guide to send to couples when we plan their elopement and it is jam PACKED with so much great information on planning an elopement or outdoor wedding that is sustainable and leaves less impact. If you’d like the guide please contact me! I’d love to send it your way.

That wraps up my planning blog! I know it was a whole lot to take in all at once. Save this blog for future use so you can come back to certain sections as you get to that portion of your planning! As always if you have any questions or want to know more contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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