Preparing for an elopement is similar to preparing for a wedding in a lot of ways. Yet, there are some items you may need to purchase for an elopement that you wouldn’t even think about for a traditional wedding. In this list, you’ll find adventure gear, hiking attire, and some fun items to add a personal touch to any elopement! So you can walk away knowing what to pack for an adventure elopement. Everything you see on this list is linked to Amazon to make it super easy to purchase everything you need.

When I work with couples I always send customized recommendations for their elopement. These will vary depending on location, what season it is, the time of day their elopement is and any activities they might add to their day. This list is compiled of the items that I recommend for *almost* every elopement!

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Vow Books

Vow books are a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your elopement day. I always recommend reading your vows from a vow book rather than reading them off your phone, it’s so much better this way. And you will get to preserve your loved one’s handwritten vows in a keepsake you can treasure forever.

Hiking Backpack

I always recommend bringing at least one backpack for your elopement day. It’s important to have the ability to be hands-free, so you can climb over rocks or cross rivers! If you are planning a short hike and you don’t need a whole lot of items for something like a picnic, then a daypack should be fine. You will need to hold your water, snacks, vow books, rings, first aid, or any other essential items you may need. If you think you need more space then you may want to search for something a bit larger.

Small Backpack
Medium Backpack

Picnic Blanket

A picnic is one of my favorite activities to add on an elopement day. Imagine sitting down in a beautiful space right after saying your vows and eating some of your favorite snacks, having coffee or even some wedding cake! I mean, why not have all three? This blanket will give you a nice place to sit, keep you warm in case it’s cold or even act as a cover if you are changing into your dress outdoors. You can see one in action on my Palo Duro Canyon blog post.

Picnic Backpack

This picnic backpack will make packing for your picnic so much easier and will bring your entire picnic experience to the next level!

Stainless Steel Thermos

Are you planning a sunrise elopement? You may want to plan to have some coffee at your elopement location then! This thermos is perfect for bringing a hot cup of coffee to enjoy together. The lid acts as a mug, so you don’t have to worry about packing one separately. You can see it in action on my Palo Duro Canyon blog!

Skin Colored Fleece Leggings

Fleece leggings can be a lifesaver on a cold elopement day. Find a pair that is close to your skin tone and wear them under your dress to keep warm. No one will ever know!

Dried Wedding Bouquet

Dried bouquets are perfect for elopements because they’re more durable and won’t wilt while we’re hiking around all day. You can purchase different dried ingredients and create your own bouquet or purchase one that is already made!

Ring Boxes

A ring box is a small but sweet detail that can add a personal touch to your elopement day. I found two ring boxes that would fit many different aesthetics!

Wooden Ring Box

Velvet Ring Box

Vintage LED Lanterns

If your elopement will take place either before the sun rises or after it sets then I would definitely recommend bringing some lanterns for fun and creative photos! These are more for beautiful photos and shouldn’t be relied on to navigate a hike in the dark. For that, I recommend headlamps! I have never used them myself but here is a post where you can see them in action.


Headlamps can help you navigate hiking trails through the dark, making them perfect for a sunrise or sunset elopement! Even if you aren’t planning on hiking in the dark, I would recommend having a headlamp with you just in case. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Clear Umbrella

Preparing for any kind of weather on your elopement day is key to an amazing experience. Having these clear umbrellas on hand in case of light rain can make a huge difference! These umbrellas photograph really well and won’t cast a funny shadow or light onto your face if you did need to use them on your wedding day. Check out this post to see a clear umbrella in action.

Womens Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are a must for adventure elopements. I recommend boots with good tread and ankle support. So you can hike safely and comfortably on your elopement day! I actually love these boots and think they’d look pretty cool with a wedding dress.

Men’s Fashion Sneakers

Men’s dress shoes are horrible for elopements. They have slick bottoms and make it easy to slip and fall. Here are some fashion sneakers that look more like dress shoes but they have tread on the bottoms, making them non-slip!

These are some of the items I always find myself recommending when people ask me what to pack for an adventure elopement, I will come back to this blog to keep updating it as time goes on! Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you happen to find something else you’re really excited about that I didn’t add to the list.

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